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Posted on: December 26, 2011 5:43 pm

The NFL and Alphabet City Crap on NY

The Giants and Cowboys game which was a 1 PM scheduled game has been hijacked by NBC and will now air at 8:20 PM and will likely conclude in the early hours of Monday January 2.  The rational is that Monday is a Federal holiday and schools are closed.  It seems to me that in order for all those Federal employees sleeping in and those teachers that didn't set the alarm clock there must be someone picking up the tab for all that unproductive time.  There is, it is the tax payers who will get out of bed on January 2nd, it is the tax payers who would have watched the game in its entirety but now will make a call in the third quarter whether to stay with it or go to bed.   Prime time sports (ESPN, CBS, NFL, FOX and NBC) serve the networks, the NFL and it's owners, the players and their agents who can call for more money.  It doesn't serve the fan that picks up the tab and labors the next day on too little sleep.  78,000 Giants fans who hold tickets to a playoff game have just had their plans and possibly their ability to go to the game altered inorder for the NFL and the network brass to line their pockets.
Posted on: October 1, 2011 11:17 am
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Osi, Shut Up and Play

Football isn't my prime passion, but I am a long time Giants fan and have followed them from Yankees Stadium and Charlie Conerly, Rosey Grier and Sam Huff until today.  This posting is apart from baseball which  goes back further than the football Giants and is my first love (God, Country and Family aside).   

I am tired of Osi Umenyiora and his whining.  In 2005 he signed a 5 year 41 M extention which runs through the 2012 season.  He signed this contract midway through the 4 year deal that paid him 2.5 M.  The 15 M guaranteed was the highest amount ever offered to a player with only three years of service time.  Through the first three years Umenyiora was paid 21 M of the front loaded contract despite missing the entire 2008 season.  This year Umenyiora is earning 3.1 M and may take the field for the first time this season, but not without adding his own brand of distraction.  Osi Umenyiora is “constantly disrespected” as the Giants prepare to play the Cardinals

The Giants and Tom Coughlin have a history with dysfunctional players, remember this was where Plaxico Burress disrespected the Giants structure before shooting himself.  Next year, the last in Umenyiora’s current contract will pay him 4.0 M.  That will offer no comfort to his feelings of bitterness.  I hope he has a great season and I hope the Giants trade him ASAP after the last game and dump this whining player on someone else.  BTW, Osi Umenyiora could have been one the Giants all time greats, if he didn’t have a persecution complex.

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Posted on: June 26, 2011 2:18 pm
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Is the Fan Base Forgotten?

2011 marks the fiftieth year of Mets baseball starting with the 1961 expansion draft led to the first pick of Hobie Landrith, which then sparked manager Casey Stengels’ response to the press’s question as to why the team had chosen Landrith first “without a catcher there would be a lot of passed balls”.  I am convinced that if the Mets had selected Elio Chacon first instead of second, Casey would have said ‘without a second baseman there would be a lot of ball hit up the middle into centerfield’.  I was no longer the baseball version of Phillip Nolan; I was now a fan with a team.  Fifty years represents over 8000 games played, probably well over 2000 players who dressed in a Mets locker room, 20 managers, 4 World Series appearances, and 3 home stadiums. 

It also represents sadly only 3 numbers retired, 1 player in the Hall of Fame and only 1 player who spent a full career in a Mets uniform.  We have on the team today a player who could possibly fill all three of these sad statistics upon his retirement perhaps 10 years from now in the person of Jose Reyes.  It will be a while before we will know how this turns out.  What we can do and should do is to honor with a retired number some of those who have worn the uniform.  The Mets do have a Mets Hall of Fame which now numbers 25; it is a respectful measure to some of the contributors to the team from William Shea and Joan Payson at the very beginning to Ralph Kiner who still does an inning or so 20 or so times a season.  That is not the same commitment as a retired number which implies that no person will ever honor this number as much as you have.  It is an honor that MLB awarded to Jackie Robinson, our neighbors in NY have retired 15 numbers representing 16 players, and the Mets list is three including two managers.

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