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Show me the Money

Posted on: November 29, 2012 2:23 pm

Yesterday the ballet for the Hall of Fame was released and three names have already created controversy; Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa.  All are highly suspected of PED use, but none were proven to have used.

Yesterday Boston Globe writer Pete Abraham announced that he is changing his mind regarding Bonds, Clemens, and Sosa and now will vote for them.  Abrahams on MLBN Hot Stove explained that he doesn’t know how to figure out if they used or not and it’s unfair of the Hall of Fame to put him in the position of judge, jury, and executer.  Both Ken Rosenthal and Tom Verducci both responded alike.  Judge, jury and executioner is what being a voter is.  For Abraham’s sake I will apply the sniff test.
Sammy Sosa 

Age          Team               BA       HRs           RBIs

21-22         CWS             .227       14               56

23-34         Cubs             .284       45              109

35 (2005)   Balt.              .221       14                45


23-34         Cubs             .284       45              109

35 (2005)   Balt.              .221       14                45

 Barry Bonds

21-34        Pitt.-SFG       .288        32                93

35-39           SFG            .339       52                109


40-42           SFG            .273       27                 72

Roger Clemens 


Age            Team                W-L       ERA    Whip      Inn.     Ks

21-29           Bos                152-72   2.80      1.11      226     208

30-33           Bos                 40-39    3.77      1.29      186     179

34-42          Tor.-NYY         149-61  3.22      1.19      214      212

42 (2005)      Hous.


The year 2005 is identified as it is the year that testing for PEDs began.  Sosa played two more seasons with the Rangers for the league minimum averaging 248 ABs, .250 BA, 11 Hrs and 48 RBIs.

Clemens pitched his last two seasons by starting his first games in June, he had a good half season with the Astros and finished with a 4.18 ERA with the Yankees.

I believe that each did it for different reasons and a common reason.

Sosa needed performance enhancing drugs to stay in the majors.  Clemens career was cratering with the Red Sox, and Bonds was jealous of the play that McGwire and Sosa were getting.  The common denominator was money.  The 124 M that Sosa was paid as a fraud.  The 151 M that Clemens was paid over his career by extending it another 11 years after the Red Sox  let him go. 

If Bonds didn’t start sticking a needle in his ass in 1999 do the Giants sign him to a 6 yr. 105 M dollar contract in 2001 that will bring his career money to 188 M.  The other commonality was they didn’t care about the Hall of Fame when they loaded their needles and I don’t give a damn about any of them now and neither should any voting member of the BBWA. 

That’s your sniff test Abrahams,  smells like dog crap doesn’t it.



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Posted on: November 29, 2012 4:03 pm

The voting standard

Because opinionated-fans or HOF voters have no power or desire to take away the property or liberty of the former players you mention, they need not apply the same standard as would a judge or juror in a criminal or civil legal setting.  As such, I think the evidence of PED use by your subject players is sufficient to warrant HOF exclusionary-vote without experiencing any of the strong feelings of guilt or remorse suggested by regular guests on MLBN / ESPN.

Baseball might think about taking the vote away from those who work in the industry (Abraham / Verducci / Rosenthal) as they tend to get 'captured' or unduely influenced by the people & things they're suppose to assess with a neutral eye. 

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